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Ski holidays in Livingo: feel the powder!

A ski holiday in Livigno is the absolute peak of happiness. Here, you can fully enjoy the cold season. Livigno is a unique adventure playground for winter sports enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. Whether you are a skier, snowboarder, freerider, or mountain biker– your wildest dreams will come true on a ski holiday in Livigno. Endless fun on the slopes, lots of adventure in the backcountry, adrenaline kicks on the halfpipe, and much more await you during your ski holiday in Livigno. What are you waiting for? Book your dream winter holidays now. 

Ski holidays in Livigno: eat, sleep, carve, repeat

Experience the magic of winter during your ski holiday in Livigno. Hop out of bed and onto the slopes, that’s our motto. But wait a second! Before you buckle up your skis just yet, you should have a Champions Breakfast at our B&B in Livigno. You will certainly need the energy. That’s because right outside our door, an incredible 115 kilometres of slopes await you. Warm up on one of the 29 blue slopes, perfect your swings on one of the 37 red slopes, and show off your skills on one of the 12 black slopes. You can't buy good luck, but you can buy a ski pass.

Higher, further, faster, harder!

During your ski holiday in Livigno, you can test your skills on the board. Whether shredding, jibbing, or jumping – in Livigno, you can experience absolute freedom on your board. The lifts take you to dizzying heights, directly to the boarders' paradise. Beyond the tree line, you can carve while speeding towards the valley and experience the feeling of absolute freedom. Snowboard history was written at Mottolino Snow Park, one of the coolest parks with the most creative runs. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, a boarder or freeskier – the daily freshly shaped obstacles and halfpipes will make your heart beat faster.

see it to believe it
An adventure park for heroes

Zooming down an untouched slope on your snowboard or skis, jumping over sharks,and powder slashing – that's the freedom we are talking about. Here in Livigno, you will find countless untouched slopes on six ridges. You can hike and shred as hard as you can and carve impressive lines into the powder. You've never had the pleasure? No problem! During your ski holiday in Livigno, you can ease into it with the two freeride approach areas at the Carosello 3000. Safety first! Download the special freeride app and don't forget to take a look at the latest avalanche reports distributed throughout the village before hitting the slopes.


Take off on your ski holiday in Livigno

Are you looking for that special kick? How about heli-skiing? Yes, you read that right. This is also possible during your ski holiday in Livigno.Fly with Livigno’s pros to the most beautiful secret spots to leave your first tracks in the untouched powder. Is there anything cooler than that? Well, there's a few more things. For example, mountain biking in the snow. During your ski holiday in Livigno, you can pedal and drift to your heart's content while you make your way to the valley on trails specially laid out in the snow at the Mottolino ski area. You can also go downhill at high speed on the toboggan or snowtubing run. Do you dream big? Then simply scale the ice tower of Livigno (a frozen waterfall)or conquer the air with a paraglider during your ski holiday in Livigno. If that's still not enough for you, you can go ice-skating, speed across the snow on a snowmobile or kart, snowshoe hike, or let yourself be pulled by Husky's sledge. The choice is yours! We are waiting for you at our hotel in Livigno.


  • 115 km of slopes for skiers and snowboarders
  • Mottolino Snow Park with creative runs and obstacles
  • Countless possibilities for freeriding
  • 2 freeride approach areas for beginners
  • Heli-skiing for the absolute powder experience
  • Mountain biking in the snow
  • Toboggan and snowtubing run
  • Ice climbing and paragliding
  • Ice skating and snowshoeing
  • Speeding across the snow with a snowmobile or kart