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Summer holidays in Italy: the mountains are calling!

A summer holiday in Italy, away from the sea and beach, awaits you in Livigno. The holiday tan fades but the memories remain. Whether you yearn for a leisurely hike on a mountain pasture, a high-Alpine mountain tour, a dizzying climbing experience, an adrenaline packed mountain bike tour, or fun on the water – the choice is yours. On a summer holiday in Italy, you will enjoy one adventure after another. Our team will be happy to give you advice and tips to help you find your way through the thicket of possibilities.

Hear the Mountain Call
Hiking during your summer holidays in Italy: simply fantastic

Livigno, the highest plateau of Europe, is also called the Tibet of the Alps and not without reason. This is because you can expect countless mountain adventures during your summer holiday in Italy. Livigno is a Mecca for hikers and mountaineers who want to spend their summer holidays in Italy – off the beaten track. Do you prefer a cosy summer holiday in Italy? No problem, because in Livigno there are easy yet impressive hiking trails, such as: a hike to the Cancano Lakes, to the source of the Adda River, the panoramic Crap da la Parè, the Bochèta da Tropion, the Alpe Trela, or the Mònt de la Néf.


Summer holidays in Italy: as close to heaven as it gets

Are you an active person who wants to reach new heights during your summer holidays in Italy? You’re in luck! You picked the right place to go. Little Tibet is in fact surrounded by more than 20 peaks over 3000 meters high. The magnificent view from Piz di Rin will captivate you. During the indescribably beautiful ascent to Bochèta dal Cantòn, you can observe chamois and ibex in their natural habitat. During your summer holiday in Italy, the mountain tour to the Ghiacciaio dei Forni glacier lures you into the eternal ice, while you cross borders on the smuggler paths. Around 500 steps, ladders, and a spectacular climbing bridge have to be climbed if you want to get to Piz Trovat. Nerves of steel are needed on the numerous climbing routes and in the Larix Park climbing park.

Mtb fun in Livigno: bunny hop into a biker’s paradise

Exciting, adventurous, with a speedy finish – this is how mountain bikers describe their summer holidays in Italy after their stay in Livigno. Livigno offers two biker hotspots: the Mottolino Bike Park and the Mountain Park Carosello 3000. 13 different trails, a slope style area for flips and whips, a north shore area for an obstacle ride, and a big air bag guarantee continuous spikes of adrenaline at the Mottolino Bike Park. Experience freedom on two wheels during your summer holiday in Italy at Mountain Park Carosello 3000 on the other side of the valley with its 50 km long "Tutti Frutti" trail network. But that's not all: exciting 3,200 bike kilometres, all levels of difficulty, different altitudes, and countless routes that also cross borders make your heart beat faster. Are you still dreaming or are you already biking?


Every day is a new adventure

Endless fun awaits you during your summer holidays in Italy – even off the mountains. Is water your element? Then off to Lake Livigno! Here, you can go rowing, canoeing, and kayaking and test your stand-up paddling skills. Is fishing meditation for you? Then take out your bait and cast your fishing rod! You can improve your handicap or train your first tee shots in the golf training area. And if the weather is not the best, you can let off some steam at the Aquagranda Active You! leisure centre.


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  • Easy and impressive hiking trails
  • Countless extraordinary high mountain tours
  • Spectacular climbing routes and the climbing park: Larix Park
  • 3,200 biking kilometres, Mottolino Bike Park, and Mountain Park Carosello 3000
  • Water adventure on Lake Livigno: rowing, canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddling, and fishing
  • Golf training area for beginners
  • Never-ending fun at the Aquagranda Active You! leisure centre
  • The famous alpine passes such as the Passo dello Stelvio, which can be mastered by bike